Board of Trustees  2023 - 2024

Past Presidents

Officers and Trustees
Trustees are elected by the full membership to serve three-year terms.  Trustees have voting privileges at all meetings.  The Board of Trustees elects Officers to serve two-year terms.

Pat Bell
OWMA Chairman of the Board
ADCO Distributors
Canton, Ohio
Officer term thru 2024; Trustee term thru 2023

Charlie Hutson
OWMA President
HT Hackney Company
Gahanna, Ohio
Officer term thru 2024; Trustee term thru 2023

Zac Oswald
OWMA Vice-President
AH Jamra
Toledo, Ohio
Officer term thru 2024; Trustee term thru 2025

Dave McCarter
OWMA Secretary/Treasurer
Flichia Wholesale Distributing
Columbus, Ohio
Officer term thru 2024; Trustee term thru 2023

Rob Sincavich
Team Sledd
Wheeling, West Virginia
Trustee term thru 2023

Tim Harris
Naperville, Illinois
Trustee term thru 2023

Adam Greenberg
Cincinnati, Ohio
Trustee term thru 2025

 Associate Trustees
The Board President may appoint up to five Associate Trustees to serve one year terms. They may participate fully in business before the Board but do not have voting privileges at Board meetings.

Bill Wagner
Senior Manager of Accounts
Altria Group Distribution Company

Ryan Lapinsky
Zone Manager

Kyle May
Director External Relations
Reynolds Marketing Services Company

Gayle McCormick
ABL Wholesale Distributors
Columbiana, Ohio

Alex Fortunato
Team Sledd
Wheeling, West Virginia

Past Chairmen of the Board automatically become Trustees-at-Large and maintain their standing provided they attend at least one Board meeting per calendar year.  They also carry voting privileges at Board meetings.

Dave Cockerell
Superior Wholesale Distributors
Lima, Ohio

Mike Gummer
Gummer Wholesale
Heath, Ohio

Gregory Wellinghoff
Keilson Dayton Company
Dayton, Ohio


Honorary Trustees
The designation of Honorary Trustee may be given by a vote of the membership to a distributor member who has previously served as a Trustee.  They may participate fully in all business  before the Board but have no voting privileges at Board meetings.

Albert Guarnieri, III
Albert Guarnieri & Company
acquired by  Gummer Wholesale
Rick Gummer
Gummer Wholesale

David Tritsch
Columbus Candy & Tobacco
acquired by Keilson Dayton Company

Per Article III , section (E) of the Association Bylaws:  "No distributor member of the Association shall have more than three (3) representatives on the Board of Trustees. If a distributor member of the association has more than one representative serving on the board, the member shall be entitled to one (1) vote, which may be exercised by any representative of the company on the board who has voting privileges."

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