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We Card 'Social Sourcing' Program

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'Social Sourcing' Program from We Card

We Card launched a new program targeting adult purchases of tobacco and vape products that are intended for those who are underage.  "Socia/sourcing" -- which is proxy purchase and gifting/giving of the products, has increased despite retailers having 80% to 90% compliance rates with age-restricted product laws.  

Recognizing the issue, We Card has taken proactive steps new materials developed specifically around the social sourcing issue.  The social sourcing materials are available at Social Sourcing Distributors Resources | We Card.

Additional retail materials are available at Free Kit | We Card

The Convenience Distributors Association [CDA] is a founding board member of the We Card program, and the Ohio Wholesale Marketers Association is a state level coalition member.  Our organizations strongly support this new We Card initiative and encourage wholesalers to help get the information out to retailers.  

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