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Does your company need to create or update your drug-free workplace program? If so, the Substance Use Recovery and Workplace Safety Program is an excellent opportunity to create an effective, comprehensive program. This program can assist you with some of the expenses you incur for implementing your drug-free program.

The program reimburses employers for:

  • Development and legal review of employer policies and procedures about substance use issues
  • Training for employees to understand substance use and their employer’s related policies
  • Training to equip supervisors and managers to better manage employees in recovery
  • Pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, random and return-to-duty drug screens if the employer has a written “Second Chance” drug testing policy

This program is available to all state-fund employers. Currently, you can also apply for reimbursement for expenses retroactive to July 1, 2019.

Recognizing your time is incredibly valuable, the BWC is offering a short 15-minute webinar to learn more about BWC’s Substance Use Recovery Program. The webinar offers detailed program information along with immediate, on-demand, and unlimited Q&A opportunities.

Substance Use Recovery and Workplace Safety Program
Informational Webinar
May 11, 2022   10:00a.m.

Register HERE

Additional Program Information

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the webinar and learn about the program that is helping employers manage substance use issues in their workplace.

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