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Incident/accident investigation, a tool for prevention

When an injury or illness occurs, it may be a symptom that something is wrong in your organization’s safety process. A thorough, well-documented incident/accident investigation will identify this problem and lessen the chance of its recurrence. Sedgwick, administrator of OWMA's Workers' Compensation Group Rating Program, offers tips and resources to help employers fine tune their workplace safety processes. Read more HERE.

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The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation is hosting a number of occupational safety and health webinars and virtual classes in January including:

Weekly Webinars

  • Preventing Through Design: Taking Chance Out of the Equation (January 11)
  • Recordkeeping 101: Recordkeeping for the Safety/HR Newbie (January 20)
  • Workers' Compensation and How Safety Affects Small Business Profitability  (January 25)

Virtual classes

  • Electrical Safety Maintenance (NFPA 70B) - Practices for Electrical  (January 11-13)
  • Safety Series Module 2: Ergonomics, Accident Analysis, and Hazard Assessment Basics (January 13)
  • OSHA Recordkeeping Half-day Workshop (January 27)

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